Complete Staffing Solutions

for Small Businesses

We provide low-cost, high-quality remote employees for your organization. Not a call center, but college-educated, well-spoken employees who happen to be in another country.

Our most popular positions are:

Customer Service Representative

Administrative Assistant

Incoming/Outgoing Sales Reps

SoMe Coordinator

Research & Data Entry


Assistant Property Managers

Leasing Coordinators

Personal Assistants

In addition to finding skilled candidates to fit your needs, we provide a quality work environment with the complete set up so that even though they’re far away, they still have the same structure that they would get in a normal office. They are provided with top of the line computers, phones, and office equipment to meet their needs. We also provide full benefits, social events with other employees in similar fields, and ongoing training with block classes each month on subjects like advanced customer service or organizational practices.

Just looking for an introduction?

While we hope that our clients will partner with us for years to come, we understand that some companies are more comfortable using a headhunter service. In that instance, we can go through the normal hiring process, interviews, background checks, and testing before presenting a candidate to you for your approval. When utilizing this service, they become your employee or contractor, depending on how you choose to set it up.

Already have a remote employee?

If you already have a Remote Employee in Guadalajara and you want to take advantage of our systems, contact us to ask about our desk rental. Your virtual assistant can enjoy the professional workspace we offer while not interfering with your existing relationship.

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