The hiring process

  • Job Description is approved

  • Candidate Search Begins

  • Gordian provides a rigorous screening test to candidates evaluating their English level, computer literacy, typing speed and personality type.

  • A first interview is scheduled by Gordian

  • The resume is provided to the employer to evaluate.

  • A second interview is scheduled with our head recruiter

  • An interview is scheduled with our head recruiter and the client

  • If desired, a second interview is scheduled with the client or another person in the Client’s company.

  • An offer is put out

  • First Day!

What Makes Us Unique

Training is important!

Before their first day, all our employees spend two days in training with us being tested and brought up to speed on:

  • American Culture and Colloquialism

  • Training on your local software

  • Customer Service Basics

  • Creating Software Logins

  • Reviewing the Company Website, History & Culture

  • Office Walk Around

  • Meet the co-workers

We Know Business

Unlike many staffing companies who only connect candidates with employers and hope for the best, Gordian has a consulting wing that has worked with dozens of businesses over the years to build their organization into the best version of themselves. Both consulting and staffing are run by the same management team so that the expertise is shared and we can provide a full-service solution.