Running a business is hard. One of the hardest parts is finding, hiring and training good quality employees. Most growing businesses struggle to break through to the next level because their staffing needs aren’t met. If you hire too soon, you don’t have the work to keep them busy and you can’t afford them. If you hire too late, your quality can decline and your business will shrink, eliminating the need for the position. Allow Gordian Staffing to eliminate this problem for you by providing affordable, high-quality employees who can join your organization and grow with you.

Gordian Staffing focuses on providing employees to small and medium companies through the US and Canada.

How the process works:

At Gordian Staffing, our business is to take care of yours! That is why we follow a rigorous recruiting and screening process that goes from reviewing and filtering every single application we receive to make sure we don’t miss any great candidates or invest time on the profiles that are not suited to your needs.

We apply soft skills, English, and personality tests, have our human resources experts and managers conduct extensive interviews before you see the first resume, once we are sure we have the candidate(s) you are looking for, we set up a final interview, send you the candidates resume and suggested questions that might help you during the interview.

Once you fall in love with the candidate as we did, we’ll start the new employee enrollment process and give them a one-day brief training where we will cover all the basics and practice some customer service skills, make sure all their log-ins are up etc.

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